Al Nukhbah law firm Advocates & Consultants provide professional legal services in the construction Disputes through all UAE, Our construction lawyers identify the issues and build a client-focused strategy to achieve a positive result in a dispute through litigation or arbitration.

We deal with all phases of construction including the tendering of contracts, work packages, the contractual documentation, for construction delays and much more,

With the complexity related to the construction dispute such as defects and damages in projects, delay in payments, structural defects, dispute prevention, mediation, as well as the applicable laws that govern the terms and conditions of construction contracts, we have strongly enhanced our legal services in this field.

Through our professional lawyers we provide clients the legal advice that serves to mitigate or isolate any risks. We assist all clients, be they property owners, contractors or consultants. We understand the concerns and challenges that our customers face in this ever-changing environment and offer them concrete and effective solutions in various construction disputes.

Our customers can rely on our professionalism and experience in this area of law and our detailed knowledge of this field to fully advise on all matters relating to construction law and representation before the courts or through a process of mediation or arbitration.

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